UX monitoring pricing
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All features at all times, no account limitation to boost pagespeed optimization acceptance rate within your team

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  • Real UX monitoring

    € 84

    Ready for real time insights?

    • No delayed CWV data
    • Filter on real user circumstances
    • Unlimited user accounts
  • 5 additional url's

    € 40

    More UX with more URL's

    • Templates could yield different UX
    • Top up your monitoring
    • With 5 extra URL's
  • Power user?

    € 84

    That's correct, still the same

    • No costs per extra users
    • Put your users first
    • And increase conversion
  • Dutch company? 21% VAT will be applied.

Our monitoring isn't about

  • stressing on perfect Lighthouse score
  • Unreliable lab data outcomes
  • Delayed Core Web Vitals data
  • Limited features and accounts

Our monitoring is about

  • Real UX, real time and historic
  • Direct insights when improving
  • Different filters and dimensions
  • Per metric drilldown

Easy setup, no matter your platform, for example: