Stop lab data testing
start real UX monitoring

Fed up with changing lab data numbers, even when you didn't change any line of code at all? Real users matter, as those should convert.

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  • Metrics

    Deployed pagespeed improvements? Compare current metrics with a previous date range.

    • Core Web Vitals
    • FCP, TTFB & PageLoad
    • Set your percentile
    • See trends per metric
  • Chart

    Metric histogram

    Click on a metric to see insights via a histogram, with the previous date range in the background.

    • CWV color indication
    • Info on mouseover
    • Custom comparison
    • Set your bucket size
  • Filters

    Customize your filters

    Filter all the way down to find bottlenecks and discover where to optimize, with the following characteristics:

    • Page details
    • User device settings
    • Country and CDN
    • Browser environment
  • Dimensions

    Deep drilldown

    Per metric, see where UX is really regressing, for example per dimension. Slower devices is one of the possible bottlenecks.

    • Direct overview
    • Pageview indication
    • Trends & distribution
    • New charts on click